MEGT Foundation Scholarship Program

Recipients of the 2024 MEGT Foundation scholarships.
Recipients of the 2024 MEGT Foundation scholarships.

The MEGT Foundation was launched in 2021 to provide scholarships for women experiencing personal disadvantage to fulfil their career dreams by returning to study.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of Victoria University, the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJSIR), Learn Locals and Neighbourhood Houses to promote these scholarships.

As of 1 July 2024, 20 women had been awarded scholarships, with four completing and a further 16 continuing to study. Initially launched to service scholars based in Victoria, the program’s successful implementation has led to an expansion into Adelaide SA from 2025. In total, up to 25 scholarships valued at up to $15,000 each will be awarded to scholars undertaking studies in these two regions during 2025.

Scholarships can be used to study a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification, diploma, or the first year of an undergraduate degree. Scholars receive one-on-one coaching and attend Communities of Practice to assist learning new techniques and skills such as academic writing, goal setting, and time management.

Expressions of Interest (EOI) for 2025 Victorian scholarships now open!

Candidates based in Victoria, after reading the following information, can apply for a scholarship via a form at the bottom of this page. Deadline for EOIs is 5pm on 24 August 2024.

We will launch the EOI process for South Australian candidates later in 2024.

Meet some of our 2024 scholars

Alfatonia Joe
Alfatonia Joe

Issara Saeyim
Issara Saeyim

Kathy Hnin
Kathy Hnin

Beck Packer
Beck Packer

Ikram Hamid
Ikram Hamid

Summer Xia
Summer Xia

Meet The Team

Sue Baker
Sue Baker

Sue Baker was appointed MEGT Foundation Manager in June 2024, with a wealth of experience in leading training teams and organisation development programs. Her career has focused on delivering excellence in service outcomes, having worked to bring about change to the way people work in a range of sectors across Australia, the United Kingdom and United States.

Sue is passionate about people having opportunities to upskill and, as a lifelong learner herself, she is thrilled to take the foundation into its third year in Victoria and explore the potential to expand Interstate. “The 2023 scholars are an inspiring, courageous, committed and enthusiastic group of women. Through sharing their stories and goals, I feel privileged to be walking alongside them to support their scholarship year.”

Mel Flores
Mel Flores

Mel joined the MEGT Foundation as an Administration Officer when it was first established in July 2022, and was promoted to Foundation Coordinator in March 2024. She has over 12 years’ experience at an executive level working within corporate business and has a Diploma of Community Services, while currently studying for a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

Mel is passionate and committed to supporting and giving back to her community, having lived experience of being a single parent, domestic family violence, homelessness and mental health issues. She is a strong advocate for women experiencing domestic family violence by sharing her story to help empower others.

Frequently asked questions

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    Am I eligible?

    To be eligible for an MEGT Foundation scholarship, you must be:

    • Female or identify as a female
    • Aged 18 or over
    • Residing in Australia for the entirety of the scholarship period
    • An Australian citizen, permanent resident, or Humanitarian Visaholder
    • Experiencing financial hardship and/or personal disadvantage
    • Able to demonstrate commitment and availability to pursue study through to course completion, including participation in coaching and Communities of Practice
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    Are there any other requirements?

    Applicants need to demonstrate motivation, determination and competency to complete study and career goals beyond the scholarship by:

    • Studying a Certificate II, III or IV, diploma or undergraduate degree
    • Managing study and other commitments
    • Participating in coaching and Community of Practice sessions
    • Providing proof of enrolment in the course applied for prior to the offer of a scholarship agreement
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    How do I apply?

    Applications for scholarships open to candidates living in Victoria only on Monday 8 July 2025. South Australian residents will be able to apply later in 2024.

    If you’d like to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI), please complete the form at the bottom of this page and commit to attending a compulsory briefing session, which provides applicants with an overview of the program and an opportunity to ask questions.

    Briefing sessions will be held online at noon on the following dates in 2024:

    • Wednesday 17 July
    • Monday 22 July
    • Wednesday 31 July
    • Wednesday 7 August
    • Tuesday 13 August
    • Monday 19 August
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    What qualifies as ‘personal disadvantage’?

    Applicants must be able to prove one or more of the following factors has negatively impacted their learning experience:

    • Lived experience of domestic or family violence or sexual abuse
    • Low educational achievement
    • Mental health barriers such as anxiety, depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or neurodiversity
    • Physical disability
    • Early school leaver
    • Unemployed or underemployed
    • Poverty
    • Aged over 50, divorced or separated and needing to re-skill
    • Single parenthood
    • Marginalisation due to Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander status
    • Cultural and/or linguistic diversity
    • Gender diversity
    • Refugee or asylum seeker status
    • Health care card holders suffering financial hardship
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    What are ‘reasonable allowances’?

    Members of the scholars’ working group understand the difficulties which may arise due to personal hardship, and often share similar personal experiences. They are dedicated to flexibility throughout the scholar selection process. Examples of reasonable allowances may include:

    • Leaving situations involving domestic/family or sexually violence, and potential ineligibility for a health care card due to an unfinished financial separation process
    • Previous completion of a VET qualification and wanting to complete a qualification at similar level to reskill
    • Inability to access the Higher Education Contributions Scheme (HECS) or Vocational Education and Training (VET) student loans
    • Humanitarian visa holders who are ineligible for any type of student loan, but who are looking to become a permanent Australian resident
    • Women aged 50 or more who are recently separated, experiencing poverty and/or homelessness, and wanting to reskill to improve their employment opportunities
    • Marginalisation due to student loan debts
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    What expenses will the scholarship pay for?

    Scholarships are intended to support gaining skills, knowledge and the financial stability to pursue a meaningful and sustainable career. Financial support may include:

    • Fees associated with short courses, certificates, a diploma or the first year of an undergraduate qualification (assuming the applicant has no access to fee-free VET courses or student loans)
    • Childcare or babysitting fees to facilitate course attendance, studying, and/or completion of assignments (up to $1,200 per year)
    • Internet and/or Wi-Fi access (up to $500 per year)
    • Laptop purchased by MEGT (up to $1,300)
    • Office equipment such as a desk and/or chair purchased by MEGT (up to $1,000)
    • Living expenses such as food and utilities (up to $2,400 per year)
    • Travel expenses such as fuel or public transport (up to $800 per year)
    • Books, stationary and other relevant materials (up to $400 per year)
    • Tutoring (up to $1,000 per year)
    • Uniforms if required (up to $400 per year)

    NOTE: The amount allocated to an individual scholar is based upon the level of the qualification, study type (full or part time), and the total amount requested.

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    What other supports are available?

    MEGT scholars can access both individual support, and group support via our Communities of Practice (COP) which reflect the needs of each group. To date, topics have included:

    • Goal setting
    • Academic writing
    • Stress management
    • Boundary setting
    • Time management
    • Financial literacy
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    Meet the MEGT Foundation Working Group

    MEGT is grateful for the input of representatives from Victoria University (English Programs) and the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry and Regions (DJISR) who work with MEGT staff members from our People and Culture and Marketing teams on the MEGT Foundation Working Group. The group strives to:

    • Provide industry expertise, advice and feedback about the model and recruitment strategy
    • Share expertise relating to the target group, industry, policies, application and enrolment processes and skills pathways
    • Engaging with suitable applicants
    • Create access to venues for Communities of Practice, interviews and celebration events
    • Facilitate access to tutors and training to deliver training on topics such as academic writing

Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI) here!

The MEGT Foundation Working Group

The Working Group comprises representatives from MEGT’s People and Culture, Marketing and Recruitment Management Services (RMS) divisions, in partnership with Victoria University (English Programs) and the Department of Jobs, Skills, Industry & Regions (DJSIR), (Manager - Adult Learning Programs).

The Working Group strives to:

  • Provide industry expertise, advice and feedback on the model, processes and recruitment strategy
  • Provide expertise relating to the target group, industry, policies, application and enrolment processes and pathways
  • Risk management via and support the engagement of suitable applicants
  • Access to free venues for Community of Practice, interviews and annual celebration event
  • Access to tutors and trainers to deliver training on topics such as academic writing